Below are some of the projects and programs that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. I truly enjoy the work I do and am happy to see the way it impacts others.

"During Tuesday’s event, the program graduated its 1,000th person since its 2004 inception. The number was a milestone, but the program really works one person at a time."

Hartely, Eric (2013, September 11). New Starts After Tough Roads. The Orange County Register
*Photo belongs to Mark Goulding - OC Register

Kohli, Sonali. (2014, February 10). Newport DUI Court Earns Academy Status. 

The Orange Country Register

"Those repeat-offender stats don't apply to DUI Court. Of the 779 offenders who have graduated from DUI Court in the past seven years, only 36 – just under 5 percent – have been re-arrested."  

Hardesty, Greg (2013, August 21). DUI Court Graduation: Repeat Drunken Drivers Celebrate Recovery. The Orange Country Register
*Photo belongs to Leslie Howard - OC Superior Court

Zarnow, Teryl. (2013, March 7). College Program Aids Brain Recovery. The Orange County Register

*Photo belongs to Eugene Garcia - OC Register

​Dr. Sarah E. McIntosh

Clinical Forensic Psychologist

"Overall, the findings revealed that ANAM possesses efficacy as a measure of identifying malingerers and distinguishing them from individuals who have suffered a mild ABI."

Larson,Sarah E. (2011). The efficacy of the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment 
Metrics (ANAM) battery in the detection of cognitive malingering. 
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