​Dr. Sarah E. McIntosh

Clinical Forensic Psychologist

Finding the right fit for your psychologist is an important part of your treatment. There needs to be trust, respect and the ability to be vulnerable. My extensive experience has provided me with a unique skill set to be an effective therapist with a variety of clients ranging in age, ethnicity, and core concerns.

My name is Dr. Sarah E. McIntosh and I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY26634). My private practice is located in Newport Beach, California and I have been providing therapy and psychological assessment services to the Orange County area since 2009. In addition to substance use treatment, I also specialize in psychological and neuropsychological assessments, mood disorders, forensics, evaluations, consultations and have experience working with a variety of additional concerns. 

I have worked in a variety of settings including Coastline Community College's Acquired Brain Injury Program, helping to establish Orange County Health Care Agency's Neurobehavioral Testing Unit, pain psychology psychometric services for private practice, psychology services for Orange Coast and Fullerton community colleges, teaching with Irvine Valley College and working with Orange County's Drug and DUI Courts.

My work with a nationally recognized treatment program, Orange County's DUI and Drug Courts, has been acknowledged by the National Center for DWI Courts where I provide training, education and presentations across the country.